Webinar: EHR Replacement

Implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHR) has a been a focus of both federal and state government policy for several years, dating back to 2009's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). As a result, many organizations have already attempted to implement an EHR--often with disastrous results.

Many legacy EHR software packages can be difficult to use, with a high training burden that results in decreased staff adoption. And limited software functionality can result in poor clinical and operational workflows, requiring labor intensive manual processes to make up the difference.

As a consequence, more organizations than ever are evaluating whether it's time to change their EHR. They understand that this may be a costly and time-consuming undertaking, but often the ongoing costs (both monetary and reputational) prove too high to manage.

eHana has over a decade experience migrating behavioral health and human service organizations off of legacy EHRs, including data conversion, workflow configuration, and claims setup. Through that time, our team has learned a number of lessons that can be helpful to organizations considering an EHR transition.

These lessons have been distilled in our EHR Replacement Webinar, which is now available online. Register for helpful information such as:

  • eHana's Simple EHR Scorecard -- how does your system rate?
  • Tools for determining Return on Investment (ROI) of your existing system
  • Management versus Leadership in effecting EHR change
  • Tips for leveraging your existing EHR assets during transition
  • Building a viable EHR replacement process

Register today to receive the complementary recording of this informative (and what humorous) webinar, delivered by eHana CEO Jacob Buckley-Fortin.