Complete demographic record

A complete record of the individuals your organization serves, including where they're admitted, what individuals or teams they're being seen by, what special needs they have, and when compliance documentation is due.

Comprehensive documentation tracking

Track all services provided, including billing and productivity information, using our best-in-class templates, or use custom documentation types. Standard documentation includes:

  • Intake Documentation
  • Progress and Service Notes
  • Assessments and Addenda
  • Treatment and Service Plans
  • Transfer/Discharge Documentation

Robust management reporting

eHana EHR includes dozens of pre-built reports for executive and manager use. Examples include:

  • Billing and authorization status reports
  • Practice management including appointment no-shows and wait lists
  • Staff productivity reporting
  • Team/site capacity and management reports
  • ... and many more

All reporting data is stored using industry-standard Microsoft SQL database technology. Organizations with SQL capability can even integrate EHR data directly into their data warehouse!

Full practice management and billing

eHana EHR includes best-in class practice management, billing rules, and claims scrubbing, including:

  • Complete client payer tracking
  • Appointment verification against payer information
  • Alerts for low- or missing-authorizations, incorrect credentials, late documentation, and much more

Additionally, through our industry-leading partnership with AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions, eHana is able to offer complete best-in-class Revenue Cycle Management solutions for those organizations looking to outsource their billing process.

A true cloud-based software-as-a-service solution

With eHana EHR there's no software to install and no servers to maintain. Everything is hosted at eHana's SSAE 16-certified datacenter run by IBM.

Everything is accessed from your normal web browser, including Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, and encrypted using bank-level security.

The eHana EHR is even accessible from smartphones and tablets without any special software or plugins.

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